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The recent events at Dance Party in Lahore have caused a stir in Pakistan’s social scene. The event was reportedly attended by high-profile local and international personalities. Then, the police abruptly closed it down. Despite paying between 25000 and 70000 rupees for tickets, the police asked the revelers to leave the premises. At the same time, renowned DJs from across the world were performing to thrill music fans.

A government motion to ban such events has caused controversy and anger in the country. In Pakistan, the government was notified by parents of students who were attending the event. The parents were worried because of the move to ban mix-gender gatherings, which are against Islamic law. However, some students have voiced their anger at the motion and defended their right to dance. University student Aman Batool said that students had a right to enjoy themselves in their university campuses. However, Dubai-based Pakistani psychologist Mahwash Ajaz objected to the motion, saying that it violated the student’s civil liberties and was simply ridiculous.

While the vast majority of Pakistanis abhor the violence committed by the Taliban, many believe that Islam is the best guide for the country. Religious parties do poorly in elections but exercise tremendous influence in the public debate, and many Pakistanis still believe that Islam should govern every aspect of their lives. Myra, a 23-year-old Pakistani, says the Dance Party in Lahore has a unique, fun-filled atmosphere.

There has been a rise in the number of private parties in Pakistan. Even the federal capital Islamabad has seen an upsurge of these events. Private parties are spread largely through social media and Facebook, and public invitations are sent through these platforms. However, this has not stopped illegitimate activities from flourishing in Pakistan. In September 2021, a girl registered a gang rape case against three men.

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