Dance Party in Lahore

On New Year’s Eve, a fun-filled dance party is organized by Amanah Mall in Lahore, Pakistan. But after a call from a local religious cleric, the police close the event. What happened next? Why would Pakistani police arrest 50 partygoers from a Lahore hotel for attending a dance party? This article looks at the controversy. Read on to discover what actually happened at the dance party in Lahore.

Amanah Mall organized a fun filled New Year’s Night in Lahore

This year, Amanah Mall in Lahore organized a wonderful New Year’s event. The event was well-attended by the people of the city. There was a spectacular firework display and a concert by Super Star Sahir Ali Bagga. The event also featured DJ performances and band performances. For the entertainment of the crowd, Amanah Mall organized an amazing New Year’s concert.

The fun-filled evening was made all the more memorable with the live music and performances by Sahir Ali Bagga. The stage was set up with colored lights flashing in time with the music. Sahir Ali Bagga’s enchanting voice compelled the crowd to move with the beat of his songs. This was the main reason why a huge crowd gathered to enjoy the night.

Amanah Mall organizes a dance party

The Amanah Mall is known for its quality service, and their rooftop dance party on New Year’s Eve was no exception. The DJs kept the party going while the couples enjoyed quality time together. The melodious music and metallic beats were provided by the DJs, as were various food stalls for the guests to enjoy. Amanah Mall is proud of its reputation for providing excellent service.

The dance party in Lahore is not to be missed by escorts in Lahore. The famous Pakistani singer Sahir Ali Bagga will perform at the Amanah Mall. This will be followed by a grand firework display. The evening will be a night of fun for all. While enjoying the music, the audience can also enjoy the live performances by Pakistani Tik Tokers Falak Shabir and Marl Bros.

Police shut down the party on the call of a religious cleric

A religious cleric has threatened a Lahore water park party organizer with the threat of violence if the event continues. Thousands of people had gathered for the party, which was attended by A-list celebrities, socialites, bloggers, and call girls in Lahore from the fashion industry. The police shut down the party on the call of the cleric after a recorded message was circulated among senior police officials.

The student, who appeared to be in his early twenties, gave police audio and video recordings of the incident. He told police that he had been the target of abuse from the cleric for several years and had started filming it after he became tired of it. The video clips were later sent to the head of the Wifaqul Madaris, which oversees religious schools in the city.

Pakistani police arrest 50 people from a hotel for attending a dance party in Lahore

On August 24, Pakistani police detained 50 people from a dance party in Lahore, while the Prime Minister was in Dubai for the T20 cricket World Cup. He directed the Interior Minister to closely monitor the situation. The arrests led to widespread condemnation of the police. However, the incident has sparked a new debate over the rights of journalists.

The police reported that the occupants of the hotel were involved in ‘obscene acts’ and that the men and women were dancing in the street while playing loud music and smoking by Lahore escorts. A video of the incident shows some of the women complaining of abuse by the police. The police had initially raided the hotel, but the religious clerics brought the event to an end. Dance Party Call Girls

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